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Are You spending too Much on your Engagement Ring
This may be the question a lot of the grooms to be are having in their minds. Do you really going for the norm which is two months of your salary? If you wish to stick to it that’s fine, but the question is do you really feel comfortable with it? In my opinion, it is terrible idea, if you do not feel comfortable with, even if you can easily afford it. After all, the cost of an engagement ring does not measure the love you have for her.

Whole purpose of an engagement ring, in ancient time, it really meant that this woman is taken- no more no less! But of course these days it is simply a gift to signify your commitment to take the relationship to the next level. There’s definitely no monetizing value to it when you think about it.

When deciding on the budget of an engagement ring, we must not simply concentrating on one’s salary, but we must consider one’s financial situation all together.

 A person may have a high pay job but at the same time deep in debt. In this case, I think it’s completely wrong to consider spending 2 months of the person’s salary for an engagement ring.

 The age of the couple is also another consideration when shopping for engagement ring. If it is a young couple just starting out, they might have student loans to be paid off or other bills to be paid. If spending on an engagement ring means delaying the plan of buying a house, then it is obviously not the way to go.

 At the end, if your spending on an engagement ring is affect your living standard, then you need to really think about whether the amount you wish to spend is acceptable. Don’t get too hung up on the price; I have seen a case when a guy spent a considerable amount of cash on a Tiffany engagement ring without knowing his fiancé completely hates Tiffany. That really put her in a difficult situation where she either ask him to return the ring or accept the ring she doesn’t like; either way nobody is pleased.

 Therefore, it is wise to take notice on your fiancé’s preferences on jewelry such as color of metal, shape of the stone, type of ring settings, etc. In the end, it is better to buy her something she likes rather than concentrating too much on the price. After all, the love you have for each other is precious!

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